Iron Man Review

Think back to whenever you were a kid. We always wanted to be the superhero whenever we were playing with our friends. I know that I used to argue that I wanted to be Batman. Point is, superhero’s have always held a special place in our hearts.

Hero’s aren’t made…they’re built. Can you think of a more badass tagline for a movie?? Go ahead. We’ll wait.

Ironman, in the humble opinion of the Movie Men, is the reason for the Renaissance of Marvel and comic book films. The comic film industry hadn’t had much success outside of Spiderman and the Dark Knight trilogy, and never had we seen such a system of film making ever attempted.

Released on May 2nd, 2008; Ironman quickly launched itself to the top of the favorite film list for the year. In fact, the film won the American Film Institute’s coveted Movie of the Year award. In addition to this, it was nominated for Oscars in sound editing, and visual effects. This film may be what some consider to be “just another action movie that nerds love”, but we can assure you that it is far more than that. Between the resurgence of the genius that is Robert Downey Jr., and the phenomenal material provided by comic’s true hero, Stan Lee, the Marvels adventure back into film proved far more than fruitful. Though it cost a whopping 140 million dollars to create; Ironman grossed a staggering 585.2 million dollars at the global box offices! Yes. You read that correctly. They made over half a billion dollars in JUST movie ticket sales across the world. That is some mad money.

The films story is a simple one; but it remains entertaining thanks to the stunning action sequences and above par acting by virtually the entire cast. Tony Stark (a playboy, billionaire, genius, philanthropist) is doing his thing selling guns and weapons to the United States government when he is attacked and kidnapped when demonstrating weapons in the Middle East.

While captive, he is nursed back to health by a Doctor; who we later learn has lost his entire family by the very captures they are being tortured by. Long story short; Tony realizes that his weapons designated for the Americans are somehow ending up in the hands of the bad guys; and constructs his very first Ironman suit from scrap missile parts and a mini arc reactor to power it. Following his successful escape in which his doctor friend sacrifices himself, Tony immediately goes to work creating better suits and shutting down his companies weapons manufacturing.

We see Tony go on to foil the terrorists that had captured him, that then ultimately leads to the realization by him and the audience that his business partner and longtime friend, Obediah, had been selling weapons to terrorists under the table all along. Not only that, the dude tried to have Tony killed! In other words…this guy is no choir boy.

EPIC FIGHT SCENE! Come on people, what would and Ironman movie be without an epic fight scene as the climax right? In a somewhat lackluster fight we see Tony nearly die in attempts to defeat Obadiah, who had created his own suit. Tony of course wins and goes on to release a statement at a press conference. In typical Tony fashion he throws out his notes and states….I am Ironman…to which the credits roll to the beloved song by Black Sabbath.

Though this movie is a comic book film, it still carries some very strong themes with it. The major theme that we could note is that of a rebirth. Tony Stark literally rises from the ashes of his escape as a new man; much like that of a Phoenix. Following which he realizes the complexity of his company’s situation; which leads directly to theme two: it is so difficult to do good in such a complex world. In an ideal world right and wrong answers would be laid out in black and white, but as Tony realizes this is more often not the case.

Ironman is without a doubt a great movie. We feel it stands out not just because of it’s many accomplishments, but because of the recreation of the comic book frenzy in the world. Robert Downey Jr. PERFECTLY captures the character of Tony Stark, and it is clear that the acting in this film and future films in the Marvel Universe are held to a higher standard because of him. All of this in mind, the Movie Men official score of Iron Man is…Drum Roll Please….